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What Our Customers say…

The Blackberry Sugar Body Polish by Cosette Nicole is by far the best body polish I have ever used. I have extremely sensitive skin with a mild case of eczema, the Body Polish was not only gentle on my skin but didn’t irritate my eczema. I had lost hope is body scrubs and polishes, had even got the point of making my own. I love the way the Body Polish makes my skin feel super soft and looks so radiant and healthy. To top it all off this Body Polish uses blackberry seeds that leaves a pleasant smell on my skin. I am excited to try other Cosette Nicole products!

Elizabeth L.

When it comes to beauty products, I never know what to buy. And I’m lazy. I don’t want to have to find a bazillion different things. I want something that is all inclusive and easy to use.

And because I work in a gym, I’ve always wanted something to help me keep my skin clean and clear. I want something that leaves my skin feeling clean and that I can easily apply whenever needed.

When Bobbi introduced me to her Travel Size Cleansing Water, I was super excited. She gave me all of the tools I needed to keep my skin clean in one easy package. And I could store it easily and use it whenever and wherever I needed. The best part is my skin FELT clean. I hate when those scrubs and towels leave you feeling like you just have a layer of something on your face still even after you clean it.

One quick wipe and my face felt clean. It’s been my go-to and makes me feel confident I’ll be clean and clear for my photoshoots too!

Cori L.

Owner of Redefining Strength

The Cosette Nicole scrub helped me take care of my skin this summer. Working as a swim coach and a lifeguard at an outdoor pool really gave my skin a beating from spending hours in the chlorinated water to long afternoons out in the dry air with the sun’s relentless rays beating down. My skin was extremely dry and damaged from my work activities day in and day out. After a couple quick, easy uses with the Cosette Nicole body scrub, my dry, sun beat skin felt like I’ve never felt before. By the end of the summer, my skin was incredibly healthy and glowing, and it was effortless to get this skin using the Cosette Nicole body scrub.

Olivia S.

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