Your life is hectic, so is mine! We all constantly crave new ways to simplify many of the things we do every day. For me one of those things has been my skincare routine. I’m in my late 30’s, still deal with the occasional acne, and I’m starting to see those wrinkles around my eyes deepen. Anytime I would look for products to handle my skincare woes, I would have to buy so many products to handle everything. There wasn’t anything that could balance my skin and soothe my acne, and make my wrinkles appear less prominent. It’s frustrating to have to use half my bathroom counter just to store all these products. Not to mention I was actually having to label my products with numbers so I knew in what order I needed to use them all!

I knew there was a better way, and because my background is skincare and beauty products, I set out to create multi-functional products for all of us girls, young and not quite as young, who have trouble skin, but also want to attack the signs of aging before they set in!

My focus is on developing products that work for my grown-up skin but also will benefit my teenage daughter’s skin. Products that are gentle and will create balance, not the typical cycle of drying out skin, that in turn produces too much oil to compensate, and then has acne popping up because of that vicious cycle.

I also believe we should spoil ourselves regularly! So along with facial skincare products, we have a line of luxurious body products that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth every day.

My daughter is my inspiration in so many ways especially for the Cosette Nicole Skincare Brand. She is beautiful inside and out, with a perpetually happy ‘love for life’ attitude! She is artistic and funny and she’s going to do amazing things someday. I couldn’t think of a better name than hers, for a product line that would give girls and women skin they can love and be happy with every day, so we can focus more on being the amazing women we all are.


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